Environmental policy

Environmental policy for IT-Bolaget Åland Ab

Resource minimization

We strive to use resources (energy, machinery, vehicles, premises, etc.) in a way that is sustainable in the long term. Environmentally friendly heating options and energy performance are considered in the selection of premises. We also strive not to waste water, heat, etc.

Vehicles used are optimized for reduced emissions and optimized wear/service. Fuel is primarily electric, but diesel is also accepted for longer distances where the range is limited for electric cars. The vehicle fleet is rejuvenated, serviced regularly so that emissions and impact on the environment are kept to a minimum over time.

Electricity, which is important for our operating environment, offices, vehicles and all our other operations, is purchased as a mix of hydro, solar and wind power. Our server operating environment is almost completely virtualized (green IT), which creates resource efficiency.

We strive to solve and fix problems remotely as a natural part of our working methodology. In this way, efficiency increases while reducing our environmental footprint. During customer visits, the use of our electric vehicles is prioritized if the mileage does not limit.


As far as possible, equipment is reused so that our own and our customers' wear and tear on the environment is reduced. As equipment reaches the end of its life and is taken out of use, it is recycled through local partners.

Packaging materials are sorted and recycled according to the manufacturer's/customer's instructions.


As development continues and technology improves, we embrace this and change the way we work so that our impact on the environment/climate can be reduced. Suggestions for improvement can come from staff, the board, customers and the public. The Board of Directors is responsible for the evaluation and implementation of new methods and strategies to improve this environmental policy and its compliance.


We always strive to work as environmentally conscious as possible. We do this through conscious choices and decisions in the types of products we buy and use in our daily operations. We strive for a minimal environmental footprint.

This policy is available to the public on the company's website.

CEO of IT-Bolaget Åland Ab